What to do when a guy won’t take no for an answer

Here’s one question many women may have had to ask themselves at some point of their lives, because there’s always going to be that one guy who comes along with the belief that if he tries hard enough, it’s only a matter of time before you cave in to his demands for a relationship.

And you really can’t place absolute blame on such guys because truly, there are women who believe in being pursued for long and wooed repeatedly before saying yes.

So it kinda becomes a little difficult for men to know when women are really being serious with the ‘no’ they say or if they’re using it as a code word for ‘chase me harder’ and ‘woo me better.’

Regardless, however, there should still be a point during the chase when a guy gets the memo that a woman is indeed not interested.

So if you have told him to his face and on social media, if you have blocked him and begun to seriously avoid him; if you have patiently and politely waited for him to get the gist that you are really never changing your ‘no’ to ‘yes,’ and yet he still keeps pushing for a relationship you do not want with him, you may be left with no other option but to literally switch up on him.

Why you should ‘change it for him’

Ideally, every sane woman understands that there is nothing wrong in being asked out so they do not immediately act rude even if they know from the offset that they would never date the guy in question.

Also every sane man understands that there’s only so much persistence permitted before his requests for a relationship with a woman becomes annoying and begins to escalate from asking to harassing.

So if you have been consistent and firm in your polite refusal of his proposal and he still won’t take no for an answer, it is no longer wrong to do what it takes to get him to back off even if it means embarrassing him by going all out to give him a piece of your mind or getting people involved in shooing him off your case.

Before things get to this point, however, it is important to have first gone through the process of unequivocally and consistently saying NO. It would be wrong to give him anything that looks like green light or can be interpreted as a way of leading him on and giving him hope. If you do not want him, both your words and deeds need to show it so as not to make the situation further complicated than it has to be.

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