Seduction: Women, easy and effective tips on how to do it right and make your man wanting more

In the art of seduction, you must know yourself first. You must be confident about what you can offer and you also need to know your target. It doesn’t matter if you want to know how to seduce a married man or a man who may seem uninterested in you in the first meeting; in fact, these are some of the most thrilling prey for a seductress like you.

What matters is how you can learn the personality of your target and put your expertise to the test.

Thrill-seeking ways to get a man

An effective seductress has qualities and traits that make them effective in what they do, they are a threat to relationships because they know what they want and won’t stop at anything to get it.

The thrill of the whole act is like fuel that ignites a seductress’ passion. Wondering what are the traits of women and how they seduce? Let’s get a glimpse.

Women who know how to seduce a man have an abundance of sex appeal and she isn’t afraid to use it.

A confident woman is different from a woman who has sex appeal; it’s that energy that attracts the opposite sex.

  • Know what to say and when

These women know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. They may not talk too much but when they do, it’s different. They are silent but they’re studying you so they know when they can strike.

  • Have a way to control what men think

Don’t you see how they are available at the right time and the right moment? Do you feel that when these women have your attention that they go unavailable? This makes the chase so exciting, enticing the men and then leaving them baffled and now they go after you.

Subtle ways to seduce a man

If you feel that you have it in you and you want to try to learn how to seduce a man, then here are some tips for you:

This is one of the most subtle but very effective ways to catch someone’s attention and no we don’t mean normal eye contact. Gaze into the person’s eyes and stay, feel your sexiness and your aura will manifest itself through that gaze.

If he’s checking you and your eyes meet – you’ve already communicated. Don’t be shy and smile, or if you are having a drink – drink it but don’t remove that eye contact. It’s fun and sexy at the same time.

Wear clothes that flatter you and it doesn’t mean you have to wear revealing clothes. Remember that men love mystery. If you show some cleavage, maybe wear some full pants. Entice your target and be close just enough for him to notice.

That genuine smile while looking in his eye or while you talk with each other is such a naughty way to spice up any conversation. Don’t try to fake it though, be genuine and you’ll see how much this attracts men.

Body language works well too, how you act when you are with him will show how who you are. Leaning a little bit towards him when he’s talking is enough or just by smiling at him and even how you bite your lips can count.

Gestures of touch are an amazing way to know how to seduce a man with touch and we don’t mean hugging him. What we mean is that little tap in his back when greeting him slowly gliding your warm hands to his arms or that little concerned act of fixing his hair can give electricity to any man.

  • Use the sexual tension buildup to your advantage

When you feel that there’s already some sexual tension between the two of you, you’d want to step up the game on how to seduce a man sexually in bed. Don’t be afraid to be in an awkward situation like being alone with him in the office or accidentally brushing your behind with his legs. If you feel a little hot, you can stir up the game and touch his arms when you’re asking for something.

If you want to kiss him, do it passionately but don’t go all the way. Not yet. Remember, you are just seducing him and you want that lust building slowly and killing him inside to hold and touch you. Kiss him slowly and passionately and then stop and go. Don’t forget to make that sexy “come and get me” eye contact.

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