The difference in sex drive of men and women

To begin with, let’s bifurcate the sex drive between a man and a woman. This may help you in understanding the opposite sex better and probably work on your expectations as well.

By this statement, we do not mean that women do not love it, but they are certainly rarely obsessed with it. Men, on the other hand, are tuned the other way. Most men have sex on their minds no matter what point of the relationship they are in. Even as per surveys, men cannot control those thoughts but yes how they act on it, is what they can definitely control.

  • The turn-ons are different

The sexual turn on difference between men and women can be very different. Men are said to be more rigid and they have some specific things which arouse them. Unless their preferences are different, they can never visualize having sex with another male. However, with women, it is a tad bit different. They can and do feel attracted to the same sex even if they do not admit so. They can get fall in love and have sex with a woman. Having said that, it is not applicable to all (but they can very much have the capacity to do so).

  • The sex drive influencers

When it comes to what influences their sex drive, the attitude of women towards sexual practices can change as time goes by unlike men. Men can easily detach sex from different situations but women easily get influenced by peers, religious sentiments, etc.

  • The route to satisfaction

To be sexually satisfied, just the act is not enough. Foreplay, the anticipation, desire and how it is treated by the partner, makes a lot of difference. The satisfaction in women is very much subjective, but in men, it is very straightforward. Women are into connection, men find sex as the connector. That is how they express themselves.

Women take longer to orgasm as compared to men. And sometimes, women do not orgasm at all, and this is the universal truth, backed by several surveys.

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