Style guide: Intricating beading and full embellishments taking over the wedding trends

But, in recent times, Ghanaian designers have mastered their craft that most people look around them before even thinking of buying clothes from foreign labels.

Bride especially are fully committed to their local fashion designers.

You hardly hear of brides importing their weddings gowns but, this was the case some years ago.


Interestingly, there is a new trend that is taking over the trend. The dresses — handcrafted through a painstaking process with hours of intricate beading and full embellishments have been designed with a modern, fashion-forward bride in mind.

It offers an array of breathtaking confections including sequins gowns, slit and cutout dresses, and a gown adorned with handcrafted pearls.

The question is, are you ready to get married? Keep scrolling to see the looks for yourself.



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