Spooning: Here’s what it means during sex and how to do it right

The spoon in front is usually called the “little spoon,” while the one at the back is the “big spoon.” Hence, when two people are positioned like these spoons, it can be called “big spoon little spoon cuddling.”

In spooning among couples, partners, or even friends, the taller person stays and the back and is called the big spoon. At the same time, the smaller person who stays in the front is called the little spoon.

One of the reasons couples spooning is practised and loved is the surreal feeling it provides both parties. When you are in the spooning position with your partner, both of you will feel loved and cared for.

Since spooning involves physical proximity, it can help to bring couples together both physically and emotionally.

This act is a private one where partners are not shy to show their feelings to each other naturally, and it answers the question, “what is spooning in a relationship?”

For couples who are struggling with their sexual life, spooning can be a great way to improve sexual intimacy and attraction in the relationship.

If you have been spooning with your partner without knowing its merits, here are some benefits to be aware of.

  • It increases your emotional bond with your partner

When you spoon with your partner, you become more intimate with them. It is easy to spoon; all you have to do is lay on the side with your partner and face the same direction as spoons.

During spooning, the oxytocin hormone is released, which creates this special bond between partners. When this is practised more often, there is a reduced chance of conflicts in the relationship.

  • It improves the quality of sleep

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, you should try spooning with your partner often.

Before you roll to the other side of the bed to continue sleeping, you can have a short spooning session with your partner.

Spooning helps your body relax, and it helps you stop overthinking, which in turn helps you sleep better at night.

  • It improves your sex life

Usually, when partners struggle to keep their sex life on track, experts would generally advise that they spend time spooning and cuddling together.

When you spoon with your partner, it implies that you are shutting out all of life’s distractions to concentrate on you and your partner. Spooning helps to increase intimacy which helps couples to have better sex.

Sometimes, the stress of work can take its toll on you, and you will be looking forward to getting home and de-stressing.

One way to achieve this is to practice spooning. Since spooning provides similar benefits as cuddling, you will be able to fight off stress when you spoon with your partner.

Spooning can occur based on two major precedents. First, it might be regular cuddling between couples who want to experience intimacy and love. Also, spooning might be an avenue to engage in sexual activities.

If you want to spoon, and your partner is not in the mood, it is better not to go further because the situation could become awkward. Some couples spoon after sex and fall asleep after, and this happens if there is a mutual agreement.

Spooning is a profound way to connect emotionally and physically, but it can get uncomfortable after a long time. Hence, one of the important spooning tips is to communicate with your partner.

You can have a short conversation with them before spooning to ensure that everyone enjoys that moment.

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