How to break up with your partner nicely

It can be absolutely terrifying to have this conversation with the person you like. But the best way to do this is to break up with your partner in a nice and cordial manner.

So, we bring to you some ways to break up with your partner nicely.

  • Be careful to choose the right words

It’s always good to plan what you will be saying to your partner when you break up with them. Carefully choose the right words or sentences that don’t leave a sour taste in their mouths. Don’t ever shout at them or hurl any abusive words at them, no matter how much they have hurt you. If the latter happens, the breakup will never end peacefully.

  • Provide the proper reason

Don’t be the person your ex talks about when the worst person comes to his mind. You should give a proper explanation as to why you chose the breakup. A concrete reason with details will help your partner understand why you no longer can invest in the relationship. This also gives proper closure in the relationship.

Even if your partner has done something to infuriate you, don’t blame them when you’re breaking up. Avoid the blame game as much as possible because it can be extremely hurtful to be the one because of whom the relationship perished.

  • Be the first one to tell your partner

Your partner is going to be super hurt if they find out from others that you have been planning to break up with them. In moments of confusion, where you need others’ support, don’t blabber everything that’s on your mind. Keep the most important details to yourself.

  • Act maturely after the breakup

Don’t go on sharing every little detail about your breakup with everyone else. You should take your time to heal and grow from the previous relationship. Keeping a nice attitude after the breakup is more important to let the breakup heal. You shouldn’t contact your ex after the breakup as you both need to move on from the hurt.

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