How does sex change after cheating?

After one cheats in a relationship, sex becomes a whole other complex dimension that’s impossible for the almost-estranged couple to unravel. The communication is distraught, the trust is broken and having sex with someone who has cheated on you becomes petrifying.

In the beginning, it’s impossible to not think of someone else having touched your partner’s body. But that’s how it is.

We have listed down a few more things on how sex radically changes after infidelity.

Guilt-ridden sex is no fun. The person may feel guilty about cheating on their partner if the latter has forgiven them. The partner who was cheated on may feel guilty of being at fault for their partner’s actions. Being consumed by guilt while having sex is not enjoyable at all and moreover, it can’t generally be shaken off.

  • Being more sexually enthusiastic

The person who has cheated in the relationship may show an eagerness in being more sexually active so that they may appear to be more invested. This is usually an attempt to cover up their infidelity mistake and to make up to their partner. However, the latter may feel a shift in dynamics because of the sudden reaffirmation.

The partner who was cheated on may feel extremely vulnerable. Insecurity may creep into their minds as they may also develop body issues. They may further feel unsafe while having sex with their cheating partner and recovering from this will take a lot of time.

The couple may drift apart as the cheating partner may feel guilty and resent having sex with their partner. This purely happens due to the immense guilt of indulging in infidelity. Sex becomes a huge barrier when guilt overrides forgiveness and acceptance.

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