Here’s why your marriage risks being declared null and void if held at an event centre – Expert reveals

She added that even Ministers who bless marriages must be licensed or the couples risk being unmarried.

“You may have observed that some marriages are done at event centres, hotels, and recreational centres,” she noted.

“Of course, the norm has been at churches. Even that, know this that some churches have not been gazetted, which deprive them of celebrating marriages. Again, you must ensure that the Minister who will officiate the marriage has the power to do so.”

Speaking on Connect FM’s morning show Omanbapa, Naa Ayorkor warned that “marriages done at places and officiated by Ministers that have not been given the mandate to do so risk being declared null and void”.

“Therefore, it is important that as would-be couples, you do your checks well before you proceed or risk future complications,” she advised.

She indicated that would-be couples can equally go to their respective metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) to be wedded by the Marriage Registrar.

“If you are not too sure, you can equally visit the Assembly to have your ceremony. But the caution is that the Registrar can only officiate the wedding within the confines of the assembly and not outside the assembly.”

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