Here’s why intercourse with your partner is better enjoyed at old age

For women, they tend to enjoy intimacy more just after menopause. While for men, it’s around the age of 66 years.

The young ones, do not enjoy it because they are more focused on penetration rather than the sensation or the emotions derived from intimacy. More so, the age range between the 20s and 30s are more focused on their appearance.

When they want to have intercourse, they are more focused on how their partner perceives them. Instead of enjoying every moment of it, they are instead concentrating on how their partners feel about them.

For the men who are between the age range of the 20s and 30s, they are more focused on penetration. Some even go as far as taking drugs to satisfy their partners.

All of these doesn’t add to the pleasure we are supposed to derive from meeting our partners. This is why research and survey have proven that those who enjoy intimacy more with their partners are the old ones.

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