Getting married? Here are 5 secrets you should never keep from your would-be spouse

Now, marriage binds two people together for a lifetime and therefore it’s very important that they start this journey built on rock-solid trust; because it’s easier to love a person you trust.

Moreover, dishonesty can create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in marriage and whether it is ‘little white lies’ or something major that can share your conjugal life, any secret can push a happy marriage to a downhill.

So, it’s always better if you never keep secrets from a would-be spouse because you never know when a ghost from the past may haunt your present. So, let’s look at a few things that every couple should discuss before getting married.

  • Past romantic relationship or sexual affairs

Past romantic alliances or physical relationships are one of the biggest secrets most would-be couples withheld from each other before marriage. It doesn’t matter if it was a short-term affair or a deep emotional relationship, what is really important is that you come out clean and let your partner know about all the baggage of your past relationships.

A lot of people might ignore this point and may keep their addictions, whether it was from their past or present, a secret from their would-be spouse. Any kind of addiction or substance abuse, be it alcohol addiction or sex addiction, can have a lasting impact on a person’s relationship with a partner, and marriage is no different. Your would-be spouse has every right to know about any history of addiction.

Some medical conditions not only affect the patient but also his or her family. After marriage, your spouse is a part of your family and it is therefore important to let your would-be life partner know about any such medical conditions which you think can impact your marriage. This includes your sexual and mental health issues as well.

Financial dishonesty in a marriage is as bad as infidelity or any other form of cheating. Let your partner know if you have any financial issues in your life. A lot of people have impending loans to pay, which they keep a secret from a would-be life partner. Remember, any financial burden can weigh down your marriage and can spell doom for both spouses. So, it’s best to come out clean before you tie the knot.

Not everyone has a criminal history but for those who do, it is very important that you let your partner know about it before marriage. It might be something as petty as shoplifting during childhood, it is imperative that you do not keep your spouse in the dark.

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