For women: 5 ways to ease sex pain before periods

If yes, you’re not alone. It’s quite common to experience pangs of pain or feel uncomfortable while having sex, before your period days. You might feel irritation down there even if you want to get it on with your partner.

Hence, here listed are some ways to ease sex pain before periods.

There might be pain around your genital areas. And so, when you have sex, the movement may cause more pain. You can notice that there is considerable soreness in the areas and so, you need to be at ease and dwell at the moment. The more comfortable you are with your partner during sex, the less pain or discomfort you will feel.

Every woman experiences excess moisture or dryness in their vagina, once in a while. And on days when your vagina is on a dry parade, don’t let that disappointment stop you from having steamy sex. You will have to be more relaxed and turned-on to experience stimulation down there by natural vaginal dryness. Foreplay, sensual touches or even pleasuring yourself can be equally satisfying.

Lube helps a lot when there’s a significant lack of moisture in the vagina. It makes up for a lot of unnecessary discomfort and friction. You can even use it when your period flow is light so that you can enjoy period sex to its fullest. The best part about lube is that it can be used anywhere!

Keeping an eye on your period cycle will help you understand when you can avoid having sex. But if you are keen to have sex before your periods, then keeping a track of the cycle allows you to understand when you will feel the most discomfort. Then you will have an idea of when and how you need to be gentle with yourself.

  • Discuss with your partner

If you feel uncomfortable while having sex during that time, it’s best to talk it out with your partner. before you both indulge in sex. Keeping the pain hidden will do you no good, so it‘s better to discuss and think about possible ways to make sex more comforting, especially during this time.

However, despite all attempts, if you still face discomfort, it’s highly advisable to visit your doctor.

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