For men: Here are 3 signs that show you satisfy your woman sexually

While this is not what obtains in reality, the fact remains sex between couples in relationships and marriages is meant to be amazing. And as a man, you owe your partner the duty to do it right at all times.

If you are in a relationship and you want to know whether or not you are doing good with your partner, here are the signs you’ll see.

This is one sure sign. Ok, an almost sure sign. Whatever, the point remains that when your woman enjoys sex with you, many times the emotional bond is strong and she is all up in her feelings with you and for you.

This is why many times women would prefer to shy away from casual sex because of the emotional ties that are easily created for them from such affairs.

In the context of a relationship, if your babe is loving on you hard, without issues and whatnot, chances are that your sex life is great.

This is not conclusive evidence. But if after asking her over and over again she says she like how you do it, then you just have to believe her when she says so.

  • She’s extra protective of you

When people love each other, they get a little jealous and protective of what is theirs.

When you are a great partner and the sex is also fantastic and breathtaking, your woman has an extra reason to protect and shield you from other ladies coming too close.

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