Dear men, women also need s*x twice as much as you do

The amount of oxytocin released in the body during sex is enormous, which accounts for a glowing body, skin and happy mood.

And so, the conception that women do not want sex and that they are only expected to indulge in sex to make babies is completely false.

Let’s take a look at why women might want sex much more than men.

Studies suggest when women are attracted to a man, they begin thinking about sex. If the man suits their personality, style and taste, they feel allured and sexual thoughts begin swirling in their mind. Women are just better at hiding their emotions than men.

Sometimes, women tend to have a higher sex drive than men. They are the most sexually active in their 20s, 30s and 40s which are said to be their prime time. They blossom sexually the most when with a man they love and care for.

Unlike men, women tend to have multiple orgasms consecutively. It is quite difficult for men to climax many times, but women experience pleasure and satisfaction to the maximum. If men explore their pleasurable parts just the way women like it, then the men are about to get a treat!

When women are near the age of 50, they fear menopause will obstruct their sexual pleasure. And so, they try their best to experience all their sexual fantasies and dreams in their 20s and 30s so that they can have no regrets later on. This is when they focus a lot more on sex.

Women tend to associate sex with emotional and mental connections with their partners. They feel vulnerable when with their partners and according to them sex is an effective way of communicating their desires, wants and needs to their partner.

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