Dear men here’s how your relationship status could affect your testosterone

Men in a short term relationship

A study has shown that a man in a relationship that is less than a year old has the same levels of “single man” testosterone. The similarity in levels of testosterone between men in new relationships and single men suggests that men in new relationships are still in a physiological state that aids competition with other men for access to potential mates,

What about men in long-term relationships?

men who have been in a relationship longer than a year had significantly lower levels of testosterone.

Experts say that lower levels of testosterone may increase the likelihood that men will stay home and care for their wives and kids while decreasing the likelihood they will go out drinking with the guys and chase other women

It would be inaccurate to gauge men’s sex drive only by their partner status. As with most things in life, and between the sheets, it’s complicated.

Male testosterone levels can also be affected by chronic illness, alcohol abuse, sleep apnea, age, and medications.

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