Dear men, here are 5 things you probably don’t know you do in bed that women hate

So if you know these things beforehand and do not do them instead or substitute them with something more innovative and fresh, you’ll probably win a lot more points in bed, than you do now. So sit back, relax, wipe that frown off of your face and yes, thank us later.

Most men do that. When she’s going down on your penis for some blow job, don’t direct her mouth by pushing her head down, holding her neck etc.

That’s more than a bit annoying and not required. Women usually know which direction to ‘head’ to, so don’t direct them abruptly. If you have to do it, be gentle, dude

Repeatedly asking your girl if she has cum, when you’ve just started thrusting isn’t cool.

Women take time to feel their nerve endings react to your penis and stimulate their minds with pleasure. So give them that time. Pressurising her into cumming isn’t going to get you or her anywhere.

We get you’re trying to be gentlemanly to make sure she cums before you but try the art of holding your horses and giving her time to reach her own climax.

Unless it’s a quickie, don’t skip foreplay.

Start with gentle foreplay. Kiss, nibble, suck and graze. Do what you feel will get her all hot and happening. As shy as they may seem, women love being given head. So, initiate some good foreplay and she’s all yours. Taking a direct plunge is only good when you are both mighty drunk or want a quickie.

  • Your finger is not a penis

Repeat this to yourself till you understand that your finger, indeed, is not your third arm.

Don’t jam your fingers in and out like you’re thrusting with your penis. Instead use the magic and evolution of dexterity and opposable thumbs to move your fingers around her clit, gently.

Your fingers can actually do things your penis can’t. So you sure as hell can use that to your advantage.

Listen to her when you’re inside her. If she wants you to go at a particular motion or speed, respect that.

It will make your job much easier. Don’t be in a hurry to nut. You don’t want to end the show without a proper ending, do you? So when she says things like ‘harder’, ‘do it just like that or ‘take it slow’, be attentive and listen.

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