8 personality traits that make someone the most loving partner

Obviously, you want to be with someone who’s kind to you but don’t limit your opinion simply to how your partner treats you. Pay attention to how they treat everyone you encounter. A loving partner is aware of everyone around them whether they’re friends and family or just strangers you come across when you’re out and about. You want to be with someone who’s kind to everyone.

Trust is a very important quality for a loving partner to have because if they trust you and believe the things you say to them, they’ll be more understanding when it comes to your independence and individuality. A partner who trusts you to go out with friends without them or doesn’t make a point to keep tabs on what you’re doing is ultimately going to be a partner who loves more genuinely.

Relationships aren’t all about seriousness. It’s so important to have fun with your partner and a partner who is spontaneous and fun is going to be someone who loves fiercely and passionately. If you’re someone who tends to stay by the sidelines or take a backseat to the action in most situations, you might find a spontaneous and fearless partner to be the spice that you need in your life and the best person for you.

When referring to agreeable, I’m not talking about someone who simply agrees with everything you say and never poses a question to your opinions or calls you out. That would be insincere, not to mention boring. You should want a partner that isn’t afraid to challenge you when they have a different opinion than you but is able to present it in a way that is still sensitive and aware of how you feel. A loving partner will compromise with you, seeing things from your perspective while still helping you to see things from a different point of view as well.

Patience is an extremely important personality trait for a loving partner because you aren’t always going to see eye-to-eye and you’re not always going to feel happy and agreeable with each other. You’ll both need to be patient with each other at times and when you are able to, it will make your relationship a lot stronger and more loving.

Empathy is really important in love because your partner needs to be someone that you can share your feelings and express everything without fear of it being dismissed or misunderstood. Even if your partner can’t completely relate to what you’re feeling and what you’re going through, they should be empathetic and comfort you and you should also do the same for them.

Physical affection can sometimes be placed on the back burner in relationships or written off as not that important but the truth is that all loving relationships need an element of physical affection in order to be the best that they can be. We’re human beings and we crave physical touch and someone physically showing us that they love us. If your relationship doesn’t have physical affection, there is a chance that you and/or your partner don’t feel as loved as you could.

Being loyal to your partner is a very crucial component of a loving and successful relationship. You not only need to be with someone who is loyal and faithful to you but you also need to be with someone who will express their loyalty in all kinds of situations. There might be instances where their family or friends have a disagreement with you or a complaint about you and your partner should always defend and protect you, within reason and while still respecting their loved ones of course. You need to always express the same loyalty to your partner as well.

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