7 small acts of love that make you an extraordinary partner

The trick to keeping the spark alive in a relationship that’s way past the honeymoon stage is to keep surprising your partner with lovable and genuine acts.

Hence, here are some small acts listed to make you an extraordinary lover for your partner.

  • Surprise them with favourite meals

Your partner will surely light up if you present them with their favourite home-cooked meals after they have had an exhausting, long day. Remembering the nitty-gritty of whether they like their pasta to be spicy or want their rice to be coloured, is very important as it’ll make them feel loved.

Randomly start saying thank you’s because these two magical words have the power to cheer anyone up and show them that their effort doesn’t go unnoticed. Acknowledge the things your partner does and don’t stop showing them gratitude for their effort in the relationship.

Book a table at a fancy restaurant or gift your partner something special anytime. Don’t wait for an occasion to gift them something, instead, turn a normal day into a memorable one for the rest of your lives.

Inwardly, everyone loves this! Having your handheld in public gives you a sense of security, safety and love, with just the right amount of possessiveness. If you go out with your partner, hold their hand when they’re least expecting it and watch them blush all over again!

  • Sometimes, let them win an argument

It is only understandable that couples be mature while fighting and arguing over the regular stuff. Coming to a justified decision is very important, but at the same time, letting go of grudges once in a while will help your partner to relax and not feel burdened while being in a relationship.

Don’t slop around, it can be really unattractive at times. Plan sudden volunteering activities, a road trip on a weekend, or even a cooking class together! You can also try unfamiliar activities that may seem scary at first but will be a blast once you both get the hang of it.

Get some sticky notes from the nearby stationery shop and start sticking these notes with I love you’s anywhere. Let’s say, you stick one on your partner’s lunch box to help them feel elevated in their workplace. It’s a gentle reminder that you’re with them at all times.

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