7 levels of intimacy you must learn about this 2022

In other words, the closeness between people in personal relationships is what could be termed as ‘intimacy’.

It’s something that builds over time as you connect with someone, grow to care about each other, and feel more and more comfortable during your time together.

Intimacy can include physical or emotional closeness or a mix of two. However, have you ever heard that there are levels of intimacy?

Below are the seven levels of intimacy everyone must know about. Here is a look at them.

In this part of the relationship, the topics of conversation stick to the surface level. It includes questions like, “how are you” or “what you have been up to these days”. At this level, communication doesn’t go beyond these parameters.

This level includes communication about facts including topics like the stock market, weather, etc. As per Kelly, most relationships rotate between these two initial levels because of the fear of the third level of intimacy.

This is when things start to turn real in relationships. Here people share their honest opinion about different things with each other. Doing this requires trust and vulnerability and we need to understand and accept the differences between us.

This level involves feeling comfortable about sharing our hopes and dreams with each other. Also, it is at this level that we begin to share our dreams and build them together.

This is when we share our feelings for each other. Being able to identify your own feeling while giving space to the other person to share theirs is important here.

  • Thoughts, fears, and failures

At this level, we feel comfortable sharing some of the darkest parts of our personalities. Since many of us have several thoughts we don’t want to share with anybody, this level requires deep trust.

The highest level of intimacy, physical, mental, and emotional needs are communicated at this level. Here two people can sit down and share what their needs are with each other.

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