6 tips to dating again after a divorce

But once you are back on track and ready to date, here are a few tips that may help you in getting back to the dating circuit after a divorce.

If you are back on the circuit then, first of all, get rid of all the assumptions you used to make. Each date does not mean it shall end in marriage. You have to let go and have fun. Do not presume that if you did not repeat the same mistakes in the past it will not be the same. It is not necessary that your ex and this new person are the same. Do not compare.

Tell the truth about your past, do not hide anything and do not lie about it either. Find a person who understands it all and shares the same interests and values. Be who you are.

You should know what you want from a relationship and be clear about it. Don’t waste your time with someone you know is not the one you are looking for and wants different things from your relationship.

No! Not so soon! If you are planning on introducing your new partner to your kids or family then hold it for six months. It takes time to know people. Do not rush. You may end up scaring the other as well.

When you come out of a divorce, your emotions are in turmoil. Do seek professional help even when you are dating. It will help you open up more and work on those inhibitions you might be having due to the divorce.

Yes, your past was painful but it does not mean there is something wrong with you. A relationship works both ways. Don’t lose self-confidence. Be confident and trust yourself. Also, stay away from the person who keeps blaming his or her ex. If you feel you are unhappy with this new person, end it and stop it right there.

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