6 best ways to move on from a relationship without closure

So here are 6 ways that may help you in dealing with such a situation, such a relationship.

After a breakup, the world can seem to be very confusing. You are full of questions and if unanswered it can tear you apart. The best way to deal with it is by going on a break. Travel or do a self retreat. Not that you won’t cry but the space will let you breathe better and it is a step towards relaxing your mind.

Overthinking is nothing but a source of headaches, migraines and sadness. It just gives you stress so do something to distract your mind. Go for a walk, jog, do gardening, painting or anything that takes your mind off it.

We are always asked to never keep our hopes up but it is a human tendency. However, after a breakup without closure, you can simply just ask the other one about the reason. If they do not disclose, let it be. Squash the hopes of getting back together. It was probably not meant to happen. It is one way to take the situation. If you do keep hopes, you may get hurt even more due to the disappointment.

A breakup without closure may have you thinking that is your fault but hey, unless you cheated, it is probably not. You must never think that something is wrong with you. Go easy on yourself. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect. You as an individual must never be taken for granted. Each coin has two sides and every relationship must be two-way traffic.

Stop holding a grudge, it is of no use. Forgive him or her and accept the apology if he or she is giving one. Why carry that negativity in your heart which serves no purpose? You will not be able to move on either if you do not forgive.

That closure may seem distant, so what do you do? You have to get your act together and stop letting go of opportunities to be a loving and happy person again. Meet people, date people as you never know if he or she is the one. Your ex became your ex to make room for this human!

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