5 things a woman will never do if she truly loves you

Well, a woman who truly loves you will never do these things:

If she loves you from deep down in the heart, she will have no problems when you hang out with your friends. She will let you lead your own life and appreciate the fact that you have a life to live beside being with her always. Unless you are giving her the reasons to doubt your ways, a woman who loves you can never get insecure.

When a woman love you for real, you won’t have to remind her to be submissive. Because she loves you, the submissiveness will naturally come. If you always have to demand respect from your woman, you need to think twice about it. Unless you do not respect her as well, she can never disrespect you.

Whether drunk or not, a woman who loves you for real cannot even have the guts to cheat on you. Every time she thinks of cheating on you, she will be too disturbed by guilt to even proceed to cheat. So, never buy the idea that she loves you and only cheated once because she was drunk. She should have remembered how much she loves you before getting herself drunk.

Women are very crafty nowadays and they can easily misuse, dump you and forget you ever existed. If she only gets in touch when she needs help, you should already stop loving her because she doesn’t love you. A woman who loves you always keeps in touch but not only when she wants company to go out drinking.

A woman who carelessly spends your money like there is no tomorrow is a no go zone. Misusing your money is a clear indication that she does not care about your future probably because she has no plans of sharing her life with you. If she loves you, she will encourage you to save instead.

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