5 reasons you can’t afford to have a sidechick!

But if you must keep your side of the bargain and remain faithful to your partner, you’ll need to say no to both the people who may offer the opportunity to cheat and also say no to yourself, no matter how many times you have to do it!

Prince Donnell [@PrinceDonnell_] is an American Twitter user whose recent tweets captured the heart and soul of this subject.

“It costs too much to have a sidechick!” one of his emphatic tweets reads. “I remind myself of that statement every single day to remain disciplined in my marriage and in my business,” he adds.

He then proceeds to break it down into five solid reasons why having a side chick is not something you should be considering.

The risk of having all the family you care about yanked away is one thing to think about every time you are tempted to go astray, Donnell opines.

“Not only would you lose your girlfriend/wife, but if you had kids, you would lose them too. I personally don’t believe there’s an orgasm great enough to trade for my family. Because family and legacy is all we have in this world. NOT WORTH IT!”

Cheating is a very expensive habit. Keeping a side chick costs quite a lot.

“A side chick requires maintenance. Every dollar you spend on her when it comes to food, gifts, drinks, gas and etc.. you’re subtracting that from the investments that can be made in your business and the food that goes into your families mouths. NOT WORTH IT!” Donnell says in another tweet.

“Believe it or not, your time is money. How much are you worth an hour? Let’s say $50 an hour. If you spend an hour per day with your side chick $50 x 7 hours = $350 dollars That’s a bad investment if she can’t help you double it. NOT WORTH IT!”

“These rappers make it look cool to jump from one chick to the next but if you look around, there’s not one person who would agree that it’s respectful to disrespect your girl/wife and family for a side piece. Even your side piece don’t believe that!”

“You lost your girl/wife. You lost your family. You lost money in so many different avenues. You’ll eventually lose your side piece because she’s just gonna end up being side piece for someone else. You lose respect. IT’S NOT WORTH IT KING.”

“When you have a Queen in your life, the best investment you can make is putting your time and energy into her. When you have a powerful woman, you have a powerful life because she’s a multiplier of EVERYTHING that YOU bring to the table.”

Everything you have ever worked for, ever built is at stake when you decide to play this game.

It really isn’t worth it.

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