5 clear signs he wants to marry you

It’s easy to think your man isn’t planning for the future but you should be careful so you don’t jump to a conclusion.

These clear signs will tell you he wants to marry you.

Men are known to keep to themselves a lot. But when he starts to open up to you, it means he trusts you completely and your opinion matters a lot to him. This could be an indication that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

  • He tells you he wants to marry you

Only jokers blurt out the marriage word easily, but if you know your man is serious-minded and he tells you he wants to marry you, then he’s really serious about taking you to the altar.

  • He plans the future with you

When he starts involving you in his future plans and asks your opinion on them because they matter, it could be a huge sign that he’s ready to settle down with no one but you.

  • He doesn’t hit the door when challenges come

There’ll always be challenges and things may get harder with time. If your man stays by your side during these trying times then he is in for the long haul with you.

You can be in a room full of people and he’ll still search you out because he doesn’t have a wandering eye rather he’s focusing on just you.

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