5 best ways to manage your wedding budget

Ghanaians have had their way of doing things especially with what culture deems.

Culture, however, is dynamic and the dynamism of Ghana’s culture when it comes to marriage ceremonies has been phenomenal with a corresponding directly proportional cost.

Currently, the talk about marriage sends shivers down the spine of many young people. For most, it is

not the thought of living with a single person for the rest of their lives but the probable huge sums to be

blown on the wedding as part of the marriage ceremony.

Regardless of how much money you’re spending on your wedding, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget. To make sure you don’t stress out over the financial aspect of your wedding, you’ll want to manage your wedding budget carefully.

Before you start spending money, determine how much you can spend. You may need to have a talk with the family about what they are willing to contribute. Be gracious, no matter how much or how little they can give.

  • Make a list of your priorities

In most cases, the venue and catering will be your biggest expense, with photography and videography coming in at a close second. If you’re trying to be cautious with your money, figure out what are the most important elements of your big day. Allocate towards those items and save money on the rest.

Create a spreadsheet or document to track your spending. Use the auto-sum feature to give you the bottom line as you add costs, either estimated or actual. Include a 5 to 10% overage line, for unforeseen costs. Don’t forget to add tips for the staff or overtime for photographers.

You can have a great wedding without breaking the bank and without doing it all yourself. Maybe you can’t afford the limo, but you could rent a town car or ask a friend for a ride in their classic car. You can cut the guest list to lower costs. Find ways to save money on what isn’t important to you and spend your money on what is.

A budget wedding can still be a great ceremony and party. Staying within your budget is going to be easier when you have reasonable expectations and manage your money carefully.

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