4 signs your relationship won’t make it down the aisle

Well, the first thing you need to do is to really look at what’s going on between the two of you.

Just because every day you spend together makes you feel like you’re little kids again flirting on a playground, doesn’t mean your foundation will be strong enough to keep things steady.

Acknowledge the problems that already exist in your relationship because every relationship has them and see if they’re big enough to keep you two from potentially getting hitched.

Here are four easy ways to know if your relationship is never, ever going to make it to marriage:

Parental guidance is lacking.

A blaring red sign that you won’t be heading to the altar with your partner is a lack of parental support. Do your parents dislike the person you’re in love with? If so, find out their reasons. Chances are, they have a valid point about your relationship, and you’re too stubborn to realize it.

Your infatuation with your partner may keep you feeling like your head is in the clouds but look down at reality for a second. Has either of you truly shown interest in commitment? Has either of you talked about the future — moving in together, planning a vacation or where to spend the holidays?

Perhaps your relationship isn’t what you thought it was and, instead, is way more casual and temporary.

+You can’t agree on the big things.

Perhaps you and your significant other have no problem picking out where to go for dinner or what kind of sheets to buy for your bed, but when topics get serious, neither of you can agree on anything.

These bigger, more serious topics might include whether or not to have kids, religion, where you stand on politics, where you’ll settle down and if you even want to get married at all.

You have to trust each other — that’s the simple truth of any relationship. If one of you is constantly thinking the other is banging their co-worker, consider a wedding a big waste of time.

Why? Well, without trust, you’ll find yourself constantly stressing out over every single action the other person takes, thinking they didn’t do what or go where they say they did.

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