3 best things to do if your partner is not ready for marriage yet

If all these questions sound familiar to you, there are chances that your partner is not ready to make a lifetime commitment yet while you, on the other hand, have made up your mind for marriage.

While this doesn’t sound much of a deal to many, but things can become challenging if your parents are waiting to hear from your partner’s side.

In such a case what most couples do is to fight about it and one person, often, tells the other to have faith and patience.

So, if you, too, are going through such a situation, instead of stressing and angsting, here is what you should do.

If your partner is not ready, or for some reason, is unable to discuss you all with his or her parents, you should try talking to them. Explain to them why you are insisting on marriage or what is that one thing that is stressing you out. Be transparent about your and your parents’ expectations and listen to what your partner has to say. Come to a joint decision and handle things with maturity.

  • Allow your partner some space

If your partner hasn’t talked about you all with his or her parents, there can be thousands of reasons behind it. Don’t think of them as a cheater or that they are not serious in the relationship. Step into their shoes and understand their situation. Give them time and space to handle things with care and responsibility. But, at the same time, make sure you are communicating well and telling them your situation, too.

Trust and loyalty are the foundation of any relationship. So, if you find yourself thinking of your partner as your future spouse, have faith in them. Don’t panic or stress out. This will make things difficult for you and you might behave in ways that you don’t want to. Negative thoughts will take over your mind and you may suffer from anxiety. Hence, keep the stress at bay. Trust your partner and tell them that things have to be done on an urgent basis. Be rest assured, if they are the one for you, the universe will try its best to make the two of you come together.

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