10 Nigerians list the crazy things love has made them do

That’s why you’re happily doing with that your partner, what you swore to your friends to never do in a relationship.

Of course no one is judging here. We perfectly understand that those are some of the things that happen when love is on the brain.

That’s the explanation for why this Japanese princess chose to be with her fiancee, even though it would cost her her place in the Japanese monarchy.

And it is exactly what once gave birth to the #NeverAgainBro hashtag on Twitter, where babes and guys are reminiscing on some of the hurt they suffered for being ‘too in love.’

Even long before Twitter, men and women have been doing crazy things because they were in love. Just ask Adam, for example. Or ask everyone who took part in the war that ensued when Prince Paris fell in love with Helen who was betrothed to King Melanaus of Sparta and stole her back to Troy.

So, as it has been since the days of old, it remains till this day. Adam and Prince Paris may be long gone, but love is still making people do outrageous things, and here are some of them, provided by young Nigerians.

“I scammed my parents for money in Uni and bought my boyfriend a 43K wrist watch.

“I actually do not regret it.” – Adeola.

“I and my boyfriend had an agreement that if any of our parents say no to us getting married, we will elope, get married and have a child before returning.

“He’s a Muslim, I’m a Christian.

“Thank God the relationship broke up before it got to that.”Shalewa.

“I was a poet back in High School. I’ll write poems for my crush to give her crush.”@iamtopmaestro on Twitter.

“My daily allowance in uni was about 3k per day.

“I spent most of that calling my boyfriend who was abroad at the time.

“I couldn’t afford most of the stuff I needed. Of course, we didn’t end up marrying each other.” Olamide.

“I borrowed nearly half a million for him to rent an apartment because he got a new job in a new city.

Dude actually moved into the new apartment with his baby mama.”@therealsoba on Twitter.

“I’d saved all my stipends to buy a guitar and because I was eyeing one babe, I gave the guitar to her brother who has never returned it till this day.

“Of course, I never even got to date the babe. Smh”Chinedu.

“Drove from Lekki to Ife around 10pm to pick up a girl cos she claimed no transport. Got there, babe’s phone was switched off.”@Prodeegy on Twitter.

“I had not properly gotten over my ex and I actually still loved him despite having another boyfriend who was, to be honest, very caring and nice.

“So I agreed to travel all the way from Jos to Lagos by road to meet my ex after lying to both my boyfriend and my NYSC supervisor.

“He cancelled the trip at the last minute. I really would have gone because I was still so in love with him.

“I abandoned my med classes to do final year project for final year engineering student.

I’d wash clothes, cook and clean daily.”@Yemithatiscray on Twitter.

“Then I dated Nurphisat Busty. Ha mo ma jiya o! [How I really suffered!]

She even saved my name with “credit boy.”@Yomiscream on Twitter.

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