Funny Face apologises to accident victims, mother

Funny Face has made an effort to heal his relationships with the important people in his life as part of his efforts to rebuild his life after his recent horrific experience.

The comedian visited the victims who were most impacted by his recent accident after being granted bail and escaping jail term.

His first visit was to see his mother and bowed before her pleading for forgiveness for what he described as the “pains he has caused her.”

Kofi TV, who accompanied the comedian on all of his visits, documented this development.

A remorseful Funny Face told his mother: “I know I have caused you a lot of pain. I know you have been devastated by the news and the incident that happened lately. Please forgive me. You said a certain prayer for me before I became Funny Face. I want you to say that same prayer for me again.”

Funny Face cleanses himself at the sea after release from police custody

His mother consoled him, hugged him, and broke down in tears. Together with his family members, the comic actor thence visited the accident victims beginning with the older woman who was knocked down along with two kids.

She is still receiving treatment at the hospital while the other victims have been discharged.

Showing remorse for his actions, Funny Face knelt before the older woman and pleaded for forgiveness while explaining his side of the story.

The comic actor through the support of others had already paid for the hospital expenses of his victims while he was still in custody.

Funny Face’s accident

Funny Face whose real name is Benson Nana Oduro received bail to the tune of GH₵120,000 and two sureties on Tuesday, April 9.

He had been arrested on March 24 for knocking down five pedestrians with his Hyundai Atos car on the night of March 24.

He was subsequently charged with drunk driving offense and remanded for two weeks after which he was released from detention.

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